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WoW: A love/Hate relationship?
Published on February 21, 2005 By ins11 In WoW
I am too addicted to the game to type anything longer than a few lines of text here.. but it needs to be put down into writing, so people, when they find me clutching my mouse and doing a cosmos autoupdate in 7 weeks dead from having had no food or water [out of game] with my level 60 character will know what happened...

.. I think WoW is a great game, although the administration of the game is shoddy [Euro] and I fear they will cave in and listen to the whiners who claim everyone else is much better than them without realising that each class in the game have their streanght and weaknesses and they need to exploit those weaknesses, and play on their own strenghts to succeed in pvp battles [they are are not watching a laggy 20 second (or 1 minute) delayed slideshow].

..But I hate WoW for making me skimp work, check out WoW webpages when I should be doing support calls or answering emails, or doing forums, reading the news, watching the stack of 12 books I've purchased the last few months, watching new Animè episodes of Naruto [although now sadly licensed], Gundam Seed Destiny, and many many others, or even checking my home email [I have not checked it for a week... I fear for the number of spam messages I now have to sift through]... At least I managed to pay for my appartment [almost] on time.

WoW Addiction - It is bad.

on Feb 21, 2005
Maybe i've grown out of the MMO grindathon type games, but I can't see the addition in WoW or why people have it. Overall it seems more of an exercise in wasting time than actually "Enjoying" a game to me. I mean, what the heck do you find so compelling in it that wasn't already done years ago with another MMO?

I got bored to hell of WoW by level 12, managed to continue to level 20, then never loaded the game ever again. Overall, the lack of excitement in it just put me to sleep, the horribly unbalanced and patheticly "Lightweight" PvP in it was a snoozefest, and the leveling grinding segregated content was pathetic.

I just don't see how anyone can be addicted to it, unless it is their first MMO, or they are inexperianced MMO players.. Inexperianced meaning someone that didn't grind up multiple 50-65 toons in EQ, or play Meridian59 and Ultima Online. I don't see these types even remotely interested in WoW beyond the few early stages.
on Feb 21, 2005

For me, I enjoy playing the game because it is relatively mindless.

Let's keep things in perspective. On a Sunday afternoon people can sit around watching Football or Basketball (talk about wastes of time IMO) or they can at least do somethign that is mildly interactive.

on Feb 22, 2005
Kobrano: well, I would consider myself a very experienced mmorpger, since I've played everything from Sierras The Realm to EVE Online and Neocron, and mostly been in the betas for all of the games. The only mmorpgs more addictive than WoW I have played were UO and WISH. [And Wish was the best game I have played since UO 97-99].

I play with a group of other people, and we are all connected to a ventrilo voicechat server.. we play it much the same as we do in FPS... team cooperation and warning of dangers, then attacking those.. so it works out good in pvp (most of the time)... We play to win, and to kill the enemy, while having fun at the same time by doing quests and helping out the lower level characters in the guild.. so in a way we have to level up to help those below us

Although, yesterday I spent more time reading about Drizz Du'Orden, Wulfgar and the rest in a book than playing WOW.. Fantasy Fiction is more addictive than even WOW

Sorry to hear you burn out at 20... IT is a level threadmill hell.. but.. its fun and simple.. [not like EQ/EQ2]. I do miss the ability to have 50.. or even more quests though... and I think there should be more quests...

Spend some time reading the in game books.. they add a lot to the story.. Wonder why the Undeads are in Shadowfang Keep? Why there are Paladin Warriors on the coast in Durotar? What the commander is thinking? .. REad the books