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Will it be like the North American launch?
Published on February 10, 2005 By ins11 In WoW
Despite a few emails to Blizzard and VU France regarding the issues with the NA Version of World of Warcraft, and having seen the form-reply "it will be great, kkTHXBYE!!^^" I have mixed feelings regarding tonights (00.00) release of World of Warcraft in Europe.

Having experienced the severe loot lag in the US Beta... read all the threads and the official statements regarding the issues that have appeared on the US servers.. and having experienced the EXACT same issues in the European Beta, 3 months (roughly) after the US beta ended I am looking with dread towards Friday.. (Tomorrow) when I will again try to log into Azeroth.

I fear endless queues, lootlag, 20sec-1minute lag during PVP batttles and whatnot.. because the Publisher and Server Administrators will more than likely use a consumer-unfriendly cost-formula.

I believe that they will try to cram as many people as possible into each server, before they open more servers, to even the load accross the servers.
I believe there will be to few PVP servers [Especially if they used the BETA to give them an indication on where people wanted to play - I know of so many people that played on the PvE servers because the PVP servers were too full of people.. ] to choose from.
I believe the server my guild is choosing [part of the SUN server selection] will be crammed full of people.
I believe people will bitch and moan about the problems... but not do anything to force Blizzards hand [E.g. More servers].

I hope that Blizzard and VU France will prove me wrong...
I Also hope that my other guild does not end up on the same server as Nolby Pride or SUN - since I dont want to queue up to play the game...

Extra bonus: Anyone else taking a week off work to play the game? Addicted? Nope... Dedicated.. yes. Thats it.

PS: Starforce sucks.

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