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Trying to undo 3 years of Gaming with .. a game?
Published on July 1, 2008 By ins11 In Life Journals

So the day has come finally, July 1st, the day I attempt to undo years of MMO gaming with a console game.

The plan is to add Wii-Fit into my daily routine, coupled with a few other physical exercises, such as taking up Wing-Chun again, jogging, swimming and doing some old fashioned muscle workouts at the gym.

Funny to think about it, but it seems like World of Warcraft is one of the things that have had the biggest impact on my life up to now. In that it ruined 2 years of staying in shape and doing kung fu, with non stop gaming for almost 2 years -- which does wonders for your physique, stamina and strenght.

From being able to run at my 'designated' 13.3 km/h for long period of time I am now getting tired after just a few minutes.. Something has to be done, and luckily Nintendo is there to help me.

My strategy to get back in shape, and undo the 2 raiding levels 70s in WoW and 1 raiding level 50 in Lotro is as follows:

For the first 30 days (e.g. the month of July)

  • Every morning check weight + body fat and log this in a journal using Google Docs
  • Have a large cup of Green Tea
  • Do every exercise in Wii-fit then check Wii-fit age
  • Eat a healthy breakfast consisting of fish and fibers and take suplements (ATPCreatin + ProZyme from
  • Either do nothing, go jogging, go swimming, go to the gym and do workouts according to my RYP exercise setup (RYP - Relase Your Potential, 
  • Do my Siu-Nim-Tau (Wing Chun form) at morning and bedtime.

In addition I hope to inscribe it all in my 'journal' so as to have a good place to see my progress, "achievements" and try to force myself to do it -- since it is a task I have to do.

Hopefully I will manage to stay motivated -- and injury free (Something that has ruined my 2 earlier attempts) at gaining back what I had before World of Warcraft.

My biggest problem with trying to get healthy, and remain there, has been my diet. Eating unhealthy food, or not eating enough healthy food to keep stamina up has resulted in a few near blackouts doing heavy exercise earlier in my fitness life, and I foresee that it will happen again. I will however attempt to avoid drinking coca cola or similar beverages, as well as avoiding fat junk food or chips as snacks.

Anyway; wish me luck, for I will need it.

Ending on a positive note: My Wii Fit age has already dropped from 31 to 27, but I guess that is just as much related to me being more familiar with how it works now, than how fit I actually was.


on Jul 01, 2008

Sounds like a great plan. I am ashamed to say I have never had any excersice to speak of in my life. As a teen I rode my bike all the time so I always maintained myself skinny and somewhat fit. Now a days I don't put much care for my physical look or my health, but I do wanna do soemthing about it. Just to mentally lazy to do so.

on Jul 01, 2008
Sounds like a pretty good fitness plan.

I want a Wii.
on Jul 02, 2008

Wii Fit rocks!  I log mine every day.  I also like looking at the graphs as they really show your pattern of weight loss and Wii age.